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19 June 2009 @ 03:29 am
17. Free At Last!  
What a relief! I never thought the year would end! I'm off to parts unknown. I figure I'll travel a bit and see what happens. Maybe Romania.... Hmm.... Does anyone have any interesting destinations in mind during break? Wouldn't mind a few get-togethers or suggestions for new destinations.

Anyway, everyone have a good summer! See ya next term.

[[Filtered to people who know of his 'condition']]

I'm actually rather surprised the Ministry wasn't waiting for me. Typical though. They create a mess then don't bother to even really clear it up properly. Not sure how I'll pull this off. Bob's with me, but I can't use magic to alter my appearance and no way would fake IDs work.... Although...


[[Filtered to People With Knowledge]]

Do potions count as magic? There's no spell work involved with it after all.



Why the hell didn't I think of that sooner? Hells bells! It's not like it's rocket science! I know growth potions don't normally have a lasting effect but it could work for this summer if I play it right. I have a very high suspicion that the ministry would count any use of magic by me as being under age. I'll have to ask Bob, or hopefully one of the professors or older students will get my plea for information through the journals.

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